Clarence Seedorf Is A Coach In Demand

Former footballers are known to continue with the game in the form of coaches and Clarence Seedorf is no exception.

He, along with Ciro Ferrara has been coaching teams in China and they continue to do the same. Seedorf along with Ciro are known to be coached from their former stints as players in teams like Milan and Juventus. However, coaching careers are not without hurdles. For instance, Seedorf and Ciro have been coaches of series A teams. It is definitely a task that is challenging, especially when it comes instilling discipline in the players. As a result, the responsibility comes into the coaching team if the teams are unable to perform well in their games and matches.

It is also important that coaches are given enough time to work with a team. For instance, two or more years are required for a current coaching team to show results through performances in the teams. Clarence definitely had a difficult experience trying to bring the series A team under control, but it definitely was a learning experience for him. Hence he is now coaching series B team in china.

He would be joining Wuhan shortly and it is best that he is not relegated further before he can work his effects on the team and help them in improving their performance. Clarence had been part of the Inter Milan club before, the offer having been made to him after the club got new owners. Clarence evolved as a player in inter Milan between the period 1999 and 2002. He had a brilliant playing career and that reflects in the demand he has as a coach these days. For him getting into the new role definitely is learning, but he is doing his best to develop the leadership skills and strategies that will help to transfer his learnings to the teams he coaches in a successful way.