The Botafogo manager Oswaldo de Oliveira has said that he feels that the former AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf pushes himself to the limits in order to match the high standards that he has set in his career.

The 36-year-old moved to the Brazilian club 18 months ago. He has managed to make 33 appearances for the club, while scoring 13 goals in the process. Seedorf is known for looking after himself and working for the team. These qualities have not diminished even at 36 years of age according to the manager Oswaldo de Oliveira.

According to Oliveira, Seedorf thinks that he has not adapted completely to Brazilian football. Hence, he is working extremely hard in order to adapt with the South American style of play. In reality he has adapted well, with the latest betting odds at Unibet making Botafogo favourites to make it into the Champions League this season.

Seedorf is the only player to have lifted the Champions League title with three different teams – Ajax, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. Unlike the other players who play in a lesser league in the back end of their careers for the money, Seedorf has been trying to improve himself with every match. This has rubbed on to the players, who have been looking to win the title with their club this season.

“Seedorf is very harsh on himself. He says he still hasn’t fully adapted and makes a big effort to reach the high standards he sets himself. He puts pressure on himself, so I try to help him by making sure that his teammates understand his way of thinking and vice-versa. He has made a big effort to adapt. There has been a difference in his development in the first couple of games this season. It’s a question of time and something he is still getting used to,” said the Botafogo manager Oswaldo de Oliveira. The club are currently second in the Brazilian table after 8 matches.