The former AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf has said that he is not sure whether the stance adopted by the midfielder Kevin Prince Boetang against racism will be effective or if it is the right decision. The Ghanaian midfielder was recently subjected to racial abuse from the opposition fans while playing for AC Milan in a friendly match. Rather than complain to the referee about the issue, the midfielder decided to walk away from the pitch. He was followed by his teammates as well, which has led to several different opinions regarding the issue. Seedorf has said that walking off the pitch is not the solution towards stopping racism.

There have been a few players who have backed Boateng’s decision to walk off the pitch. The Premier league players Rio Ferdinand and Patrick Vieira have come in support of the player. Vieira has said that it was extremely brave decision by Boateng and one that should be adopted if racism is to be eradicated from the game. Seedorf, though, has said that those who are found guilty of racism should be kicked out of the stadium, which would allow the rest of the fans to enjoy the game. Seedorf has also said that walking off the pitch has happened before but it has not made any significant change.

“They should just be identified and kicked out of the stadium. Leave the 90% that were enjoying the match and finish the game. If Boateng was able to identify the whole corner, you just kick the whole corner out, That is how I think it should be handled. Walking away? Yes, you send a signal. But this has happened more than once and I don’t think it really changes all that much. We are just empowering that little group with their behaviour to make this mess,” said Seedorf.