Seedorf Praises Balotelli

Former coach of Ac.Milan, Clarence Seedorf exposed to the public that even though his time in charge of the Italian team was limited to less than an official season, it was still an enjoyable moment and the Dutchman went on giving a special praise to Mario Balotelli as well as stating that the only thing Balotelli needs is to mature as a man.

Seedorf said: “It was really exciting to work with him, he’s very young, but he’s so talented. He has great will to improve his game and he did’’

“I think the most difficult thing for him, is to really mature as a man, because on the field, he has shown the skills, not as consistently as we’d like. But I think it is all to do with maturity, getting more mature and becoming a real man.

Clarence Seedorf was appointed as the head coach of Ac.Milan a few months ago in January as he replaced Massimiliano Allegri but his time in San Siro did not last very long as he was sacked after 4 months.

Mario Balotelli is considered by many to be one of the best youngsters in the world but he has consistently been engaged in a series of activities which has led to the Italian attacker getting sanctioned or having his reputation further damaged.

During his time as a player of Inter Milan, in a Serie A match he launched his jersey to the pitch and in an interview he was seen wearing a jersey of the clubs’ rivals Ac.Milan while Jose Mourinho has labeled him as an: ‘’unmanageable’’ player.

The future of Mario Balotelli remains unclear as he has a contract with Ac.Milan that expires in 2017 but there are a number of clubs interested in signing him and the Italian attacker has not lived up to the expectations that originated since he signed with the club in San Siro.