Football legend Clarence Seedorf has suggested that some players need to start getting sanctioned for certain of the actions they exhibit on the pitch of play. He said he would like to see that there is a penalty for players who cover their mouth when they want to talk to opponents on the field, as the penalty would help curb cases of racism. He also said that the sanction should be very immediate without any deliberations so that it would be perceived as more serious.

In a particular UEFA Europa League match between Slavia Prague and Rangers, it was reported that one of the Slavia players, a defender, allegedly abused an opposition player from the Rangers team racially. The match took place last month and the Rangers player who was said to be abused is Glen Kamara.

Meanwhile, the Slavia player who is the alleged abuser, OndrejKudela, denied the allegations and leaped into a defense of himself, stating that he did not do anything related to racially abusing his opponent, even though he eventually served a one-game ban slapped on him by football governing body UEFA.

And now, according to Seedorf, an ex-Netherlands international footballer, there should be an immediate sanction put in place to always make sure that as long as players cover their mouth when talking to opponents on the pitch, they should be punished.

The four-time Champions League-winning ex-player was making his intention known to UEFA’s body responsible for tackling and combating hate speech against players, insisting that that would be one of the immediate ways to keep track of and combat the menace right there on the pitch.

Seedorf said there has been too much talk about the fight against racism already and unless actions are continued to be put in place, it will continue to be an enemy to football.