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Clearance Seedorf Gears Up For Celebrity Pro-Am

In China at the course, Clearance Seedorf was given some tips by Simon Dyson the golfer of York.

Clearance has won thrice the Champions League. Dyson was at the course of Mission Hills Haikou at the range of driving. The ex Dutch player Seedorf has won the Champions League thrice for AC Milan, Real Madrid and Ajax. Seedorf bumped into Dyson when he was having a lesson of golf. They must have discussed the anecdotes of football and to thrive on the course of Hainan.

The golf club ace of Malton and Norton has a background of football in his family. The golfer is no small footballer. In 1960s Terry the uncle of Dyson was part of the team of double winning of Tottenham and John, his father had a pro approach at York city. Later on he played for the rivals Scarborough. The golfer was acclaimed for his career. Honorary doctorate was awarded to Seedorf by Suriname. The occasion was the foundation of the day of sixth and fortieth of the University of Suriname. It was a prestigious moment for him and he deserved it fully as he had not before basked in the glory of limelight.

Clarence pointed out that he did not get anything in his life for free and he had to put extra effort always to prove his capability. The kind of recognition which he wanted he did not get and that is the reason why the award means more to him. Life has treated him unfairly but in the end the award proved his mettle yet again. Accordingly, he believes that more the award the more reputable the person becomes. He also wants to give it back to the world what he has achieved and that is an extremely thoughtful way of approaching the career and life.