With nagging discussions and debate whether Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez would stay past the end of this season, Arsene Wenger has opened up on why he let Robin van Persie leave.

RVP joined rival side Manchester United in the summer of 2012 with former United coach Sir Alex Ferguson receiving him with open arms.

Fans are angry that Sanchez might exit the club the same way RVP did, as with other stars in recent years. Rival sides are keen on getting Sanchez. He has been linked with a move to Chelsea, Manchester City while reports claim Wenger would favour a move outside England to sides like Bayern Munich who are rumoured to be interested in the player.

“I let Van Persie go in the last year of his contract because he was 29, going to 30 and he was signing a long term contract. That is not the case with Alexis. I personally think he will sign and stay here. Even if he doesn’t sign a new deal, I will make him stay,” Wenger revealed.

Wenger had complained in the past of how wrong a move it was to sell RVP to a rival side. The Dutch man moved from London to Manchester for £24 million. He helped United to yet another league title.

The player’s statement on why he left contradicts Wenger’s comments. RVP said the club and him disagreed on “the way Arsenal FC should move forward” as his goal had always been to win titles with the team. This seems to be the case with Sanchez who seems to question the ambition of the club.

Wenger has declared Its Not Catenaccio that he would rather keep him till his deal lapses than sell him off to a rival. Other clubs have said so but they eventually caved in, due to the realities on ground. This summer would decide.