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Clarence Seedorf vs Tottenham [HD]

Clarence Seedorf started crying during the interview | Milan 0 – 0 Tottenham | :'( :'( :'(

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Tottenham new resolution with Pato

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Cassano magic, substitute Robbie scored twice, with a peculiar Gattuso with the Soccer Jersey Milan says goodbye to a selected stage, “Ibrahim dependency syndrome”, but is even now long, the Swedes are not scoring pass, an irreplaceable part when , the Champions League after him. Ends when Zlatan is a bit uncomfortable, refused to accept the employees gave him the head to the padded cotton garments and applaud only passive Allegri, and perhaps also want to spread the blame in between Seedorf. Formation of the national crew last week, he complained, “as well tired”, “can not play at regular amounts,” Allegri stated: “I understand that he played too considerably, not a week might be regular break, scored with these men and women close to. But at this stage, I believe it has no physical problems, but a tired thoughts. This is a special kind of player in the planet and connected to the overall good quality of the very best Lionel Messi, who played the most games can play a essential function. “Beat Tottenham could flip to the controversial figure of Pato with the Premier League Jersey the coach mentioned,” no issue in between him and Ibrahim, but Pato members know greater, deeper comprehending, it will consider some time. Pato to Milan Brazil is the focus, not much variation, only to turn into acquainted with their teammates. “Tantamount to admitting that the blend of higher and 1 is not yet in location soon. Robbie nine objectives, tied Pato, the two front seats in the second levels of competition in the European war.The reason for the competitors because of the three strikers as an attacking midfielder Robbie is not perfect, the field back to play attacking midfielder Clarence Seedorf, Li-ping sweep, even decline, the main explanation to imagine that Milan midfielder On the internet or 4. Pirlo injury 45 days, with Ambrose as partners, the two can not play the Dutch in the 1st line of problem Tottenham midfielder. New Year’s 10 video games, injured patients are tired of the 10 sets of distinct mixtures of large in Milan, each and every game is altering, the 1st battle is Gattuso Cagliari – Seedorf – Ambrosini, Ambrosini invented to Cesena – Tia Gexierwa – Angela Merkel is Gattuso with the Tottenham jersey the final lap – Mark van Bommel – Flamini Flamini alternative for the current round of Angela Merkel, the effect is great. The most unpredicted was the Copa Samp, Silva has won two new members of Dutch help.Allegri mentioned. “Tottenham, I want to find a successor to Van Bommel, I discovered, Tiago Silva, in a phrase, we will encounter the best configuration of the war in Europe, the very first step in Milan for two many years round, this year could not pay for high end, I have a total of 4 midfielder Clarence Seedorf, Merkel, Flamini, Gattuso, I am probably to move away from Silva.”If so, Yepes Nesta will be the head of the defense. League, self confidence is always Allegri with the Torres Jersey consecutive months, had the advantage, not by accident, need to be the cause.”

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