Seedorf Takes Up Position Of Head Coach Of Cameroon National Team

We all remember Clarence Clyde Seedorf to be one of the best midfielders of his time. The Dutch player has won awards of both international and domestic level. It is not wrong to expect a good career for him throughout his lifetime. His career took another path when he was appointed as the head coach of the Cameroon National Team. It was also revealed that former striker of Netherlands National Team, AFC Ajax and FC Barcelona will be taking up the position of assistant for Seedorf.

The Cameroon National Team thought wisely about their decision and feel that the duo will guide the team towards victory in the Nationals Cup title of Africa. This is solely because both Clarence and Patrick have had a great partnership over the years. It has been reported that Cameroon will be the host of the Cup which will be held in March 2019.

Seedorf’s come into action after in an international job of coaching after three months of being in charge of the Spanish club Deportivo La Coruña. Upon being asked of how his career is taking new turns recently, the football star just smiled and said that success still is a long way as every new job is intimidating and requires hard work. However, he is glad that he got the opportunity because nobody would want to work in the reputed Premier League. He mentioned that even if he has had a career that spanned over two decades, taking up the position of manager of a team is quite tough.  He also remembers how during his time as an active footballer he never got the chance to play in the League himself but he wishes to be a coach sometime to be a part of the esteemed League. He called the opportunity nothing less than a privilege.

Clarence said that his main job right now is to work towards making the Cameroon National Team come up as winners of the Africa National Cup and he does not mind extending his stay in Africa if it is for that purpose. He believes he’s lucky that he got to coach one of the best nations in the African continent.